We were founded in the year 2010. We have more than hundred satisfied customers across multiple industries all over South India.
Yes, our registered office at Coimbatore has an office and warehouse on a 6000sq. ft. plot for storing, handling, re assembly and testing and trial running of machines with HT Industrial power supply.
We do both. Normally our sourcing team in Europe continuously keeps searching for the best quality used machines for sale in Europe and participate in bids and direct contract purchases. Machines so purchased are dismantled, packed and transported with care to our warehouse in India, where we again reassemble and test them before stocking in the warehouse. We also specifically search for machines based on customer requirements if the machine customer is looking for is not in our stock of such imported used machines.
Our technical team is well trained and have rich experience in providing adequate support in proper professional installation, commissioning and trial runs for the used machines you buy from us. We also provide maintenance services after sales.
Normally we ensure that the spares of all the used machines we import are easily available in the market. We preserve the drawings that accompany the machines to ease the process. For critical parts we can help you procure them with the shortest turnaround time thanks to our extensive sourcing network. We ensure from the sources that the used machines are complete with all adequate or required spares and are in good running condition including the original controllers, PLCs, drives, parts and components. We remember the spares and try to gather all required OEM spare parts along with the used machines.
Yes. You are always welcome at our office / warehouse to discuss with our sales and technical team in detail about your requirements and also do necessary trials tests and inspection before making a decision. We believe that a happy customer is one who is sure enough that the product he buys from us is in line with his requirements.
We strive to inform you of current market trends, possible timeframes, discuss your price estimates with our most recent findings and ensure you are well informed as much as possible in the process.
References and contact information available on request.